Sunday, May 9, 2010

dear mom

So I have come to the conclusion that I am not so good with this blogging thing. Sometimes I make the excuse that I have nothing to talk about, but today, that is not the case.

Seeing that it is mothers day, and me being 655 miles away from my mama, I have decided to dedicate this whole blog to her.
so here it goes.

All while growing up I counted down the days till I would turn 18, graduate highschool and move out. My parents were counting down as well...
The summer after I graduated I finally signed my first contract for an apartment and started moving into "my very own place".
I didn't ever have to worry about being pulled out of bed or lectured for sleeping in past 9. I would never be grounded again.
Being away from my family, the parentals, rules and chores seemed like the greatest plan ever, which it still is, but then there are those moments... and sometimes days... when I wouldn't mind being "grounded". I wouldn't mind having to sit and listen to a long lecture from my mom about doing what your told, especially when I could later sit down to a feast of a
dinner that my mom prepared.
There are days when I want to be at home. When I want to wake up on a saturday morning before 9 and do chores. When I want to sit on the couch and have my mom lecture and teach me about what is right. When I want to clean up after my siblings and not my roommates. When I want to talk to my mom about anything and everything. When I want to "go to town" and the hardware store. When I want to ask my mom for a little cash to get a treater and not have to worry about how to pay my bills that month. There are days when I just don't want to be a grown up anymore.
Today is definitely one of those days. Today is one of those days where I want my mom. Where I want to eat sunday dinner and argue about who is going to clean it up. Today is the day where I want to be with my family when my mom realizes yet again that only a few of the children found something for mothers day and the others were simply just broke. I am one of those kids... but luckily my fingers are not broke.

so Mom,
Thanks for grounding me.
Thanks for feeding my teenage sassy mouth.
Thanks for saying "that's too short" or "brush your hair"
Thanks for teaching me how to clean, cook, bargain shop and how to 'get to work'.
Thanks for teaching me what is right.
Thanks for having a family and teaching me that I should, even when the world doesn't think so.
Thanks for doing the nitty gritty with dad 9 months before april. (ah gross)
Thanks for the bed, the food and a safe place to come home to.
Thanks for always being good and setting an example, even when life isn't so swell.
Thanks for being cool. where do you think I got it from?

If there is anyone in the world that could be anything, it is you. You have shown me that motherhood is more important than being the CEO of a company or even the president of the United States.
So Mom, thanks for just being my mom.
I hope to someday come across a person who had the opportunity to know you, and have them say to me, "wow, you remind me of your mom."

I love you mom.